Knowledge Hub webinar series- Approaches towards facilitating people-led housing: Reflections from the informal settlements in India

Date: 27/01/2022

Duration: 15:00-16:00 (GMT)

Location: Online

Affordable housing for equitable urban growth

In this webinar, Commonwealth Alumnus Rohit Lahoti will discuss the need for adequate and affordable housing as one of the core necessities for equitable urban growth. Rohit will provide the Global South context and the standard narrative of the state being the facilitator and the market the provider of decent housing for the urban poor, which has been seldom successful.

Rohit will highlight the topic in an Indian context in which people themselves are often the primary builders and the most significant stakeholders in defining their housing needs and solutions. It is, therefore, significant that the resident community participates in addressing the housing crisis in urban areas.

The webinar will focus on two key approaches of facilitating people-led housing. First, deconstructing the idea of tenure security in informal settlements which are often based on documents or titles and reinforces the binary idea of legal or formal versus illegal or informal. Second, introducing the voluntary initiative, the Centre for Inclusive Habitat (CIHab) that aims to empower and equip the urban poor with accurate, reliable, and relevant information about housing interventions in their city.

This webinar will address the CSC development theme, Access, inclusion and opportunity.

The webinar will last for approximately one hour, including a Q&A session.

The CSC’s Knowledge Hub webinar series is open to all Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni. Through the series, Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni will discuss their work and contribution to development across a range of contemporary global challenges, and provide insight into ongoing research and action.

You can watch previous webinars on the CSC’s YouTube channel.

Rohit Lahoti is an architect and urban development practitioner. He currently works as a Consultant in Mumbai, India. His work and publications have ranged from designing to public policy analysis, along with conducting in-depth research in the informal housing space. In his recent-most engagement, he co-founded the voluntary initiative, the Centre for Inclusive Habitat.

Rohit believes in a process-oriented and interdisciplinary approach towards tackling urban development challenges in an inclusive manner. Affordable housing, land and property rights, tenure security, qualitative research methodologies, and documentary photography are his core areas of interest and expertise.

Rohit is a 2019 Commonwealth Scholar from India. He completed his MSc in Urban Development Planning at University College London.