Man behind bars Justice defenders

Matteo Cassini, Community Development Manager at Justice Defenders (formerly the African Prisons Project), explains his work to increase access to legal systems and the application of criminal law in Africa, and the impact of Commonwealth Professional Fellowships in helping to transform and strengthen access to justice.

Inclusive Learning Illustration Inclusive education

Commonwealth Scholars Samuel Frimpong and Evans Lwimba share their experiences of deaf education in Ghana and Zambia and discuss developments which will improve educational inclusion in their respective countries.

Cancer awareness campaign Connections which combat cancer

Runcie C W Chidebe explains the direct benefits his Shared Scholarship is having on the work of his NGO, Project PINK BLUE – Health & Psychological Trust Centre, to improve health outcomes in Nigeria.

waste products as building materials Waste not, want not

Oriyomi Modupe Okeyinka explains how her research into the utilisation of waste by- products as building materials has contributed to the development of sustainable and affordable housing.

Common Knowledge - Issue#9 Art 3 Radiating healthcare

Corey Drakes, a medical physicist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, explains the shortfalls in radiation medicine in the Caribbean and his ongoing work to improve patient care.

Common Knowledge - Issue#9 Art 2 Increasing access to transport

This year, as part of the CSC’s growing programme of engagement, Commonwealth Scholars and Alumni were involved in a consultation on DFID’s High Volume Transport Project.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation International year of plant health

To mark International Year of Plant Health, Ida Wilson, a plant pathologist and Crop Health Consultant, explains the importance of plant health and the threats plants currently face across the globe.